Somfy and The Curtain Hardware company are proud to announce that we are partnering to bring the industry the best in curtain motorisation.

Customers demand the best available motorised tracks and controllers for their home automation; we have "raised the bar" by supplying Somfy to fastidious decorators and home owners. By using S-Wave curtains, on the Glydea track results in an elegant and desirable finish which will reshape and reinvigorate the curtain industry.

The trademarked Glydea curtain track system is quiet, discreet, flexible and robust, offering personalised solutions to improve the image, usage and functionality for our customers’ environment. Glydea solutions are designed extend the lifespan of the curtains, offering increased value for users. The system is also compatible with Somfy’s range of sensors and controls, to maximise energy efficiency and create fully automated solutions.

The partnership will promote the quality of Somfy products through a business that specialises in curtain tracking systems. Essentially it’s a meeting of quality product and quality expertise, meaning a great outcome for customers.

Somfy has now introduced new remotes and communication system. Click on the links below for more info;

Glydea Technically Specifications

Glydea Databook

For information on Series 82 - Turbo powered by Somfy, please click on this link.


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